Thermal System Design

Thermal System Design summarize the development of and research in optimization and development of thermal materials and components for an application in electronic assemblies.

Latent Heat Storage

Project "SWE-eT"

Thermal storage coatings for efficient and compact power electronics for the next generation

Latent heat storage materials own the ability to store energy in form of heat during a phase change and release them later, when the environment temperature decreases. With this property it is our aim to limit thermal power loss from electronic assemblies and prevent them from overheating and destruction. 

This project is founded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research under subsidy indicator 16ES0611K.

Integration of a sorption storage tank into the thermal management of electronic assemblies

Every power loss of an electrical system generates waste heat, which can reach a critical temperature and lead to damage or even failure of a component. The aim of this project is to implement a silica gel-based sorbent reservoir for temperature regulation by evaporation of water bound in the silicate matrix.