Reliability of electronic assemblies

Temperature cycling

In addition to the standard slow and fast temperature cycling, special environmental conditions are adapted to the certain application to carry out the tests more efficient.

Determination of mechanical strength

Testing of the mechanical strength of electronic assembly components will be used to evaluate the degree of damage by accelerated aging. By the further development of the test equipment and test objects e.g. the influence of the temperature on the strength can be investigated.

Investigation of corrosion

Additionally to the standardized measurement of the surface insulation resistance (SIR) on the comb structures under specified climatic loads, special test structures and layouts are developed, with the aim to intensify the test conditions and to enable an exact location of the corrosion occurrence.

Investigation of remelting temperature

At the specially developed test equipment, the thermo-mechanical behavior of solder joints will be characterized. For this purpose the remelting or unsoldering temperature will be measured.